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5717 Hora Mundi watch
In Breguet replica all watch the series, Classiques Classic series is the best embodies the traditional values ​​of the brand and exquisite watchmaking standard series, the series is Breguet a perfect heritage 200 years of history, their salient features affecting advanced watch making history. Breguet at the 2011 Baselworld launch of the new Classique 5717 HoraMundi watch the essence of the series will undoubtedly highlight. This table made from precious materials from: 18K rose gold or 950 platinum. Optional 3 Dial: North and South America, Asia or Eurasia and Oceania — points table represents one of the world’s borders, a total of six models. Breguet team took three years to design, develop and improve this complicated watch. This is the moment when the first jump with a display area of ​​mechanical watches. This feature allows travelers to easily read the time two preselected time zone, simply press a button, you can instantly switch does not interfere in the case of travel time from one time zone to another time zone. Stop seconds system ensures that the set-up process accurate travel time, time zone change will not affect the time, but also by “tracking” calendar system synchronize the date and day / night indicator.

The new 5717 Hora Mundi Seiko watches are famously modifications, such as translucent lacquered dial, will become the focus beautiful appearance traveler favorites. This is a follow its legitimacy watch from the brand history. Indeed, the founder Abraham-Louis Breguet’s life, he could not imagine his enthusiasm and watch making talent all over the world by Breguet to watch so widespread. When he created the brand Horloge in Paris, Quai de l’, initially only sell his works in France. However, long before the French Revolution occurred, Abraham-Louis Breguet had been aware of him to ensure that his work can be appreciated across borders to other peoples. In the Napoleonic period and the subsequent period of time, he fully engaged, aiming at the establishment of an international sales network. To achieve this goal, he came up with a very personal strategy, namely, by enlightened friends and professional sales staff to promote the market. When Breguet timepieces while the UK, Spain and Russia, was wildly popular, they are also of Poland, the German states and principalities of the Italian peninsula, Turkey and even as far away as the United States sought after.

To commemorate the founder traveled extensively footprint, Breguet replica watches was launched in 1996, first paragraph Hora Mundi watch, under the Marine product line. The 2011 is Zoran has different functions. In addition to central hour, minute and second hands, which watches also use drag-type display plate to achieve complete original date display.

Breguet replica watches

The display panel is located within the 12 o’clock position on the dial window. Three consecutive days is sufficient window displayed simultaneously. For example, in the 25th day of the month, figures from left to right across the 25 date display window within 24 hours. Gradually, originally displayed in the right-hand number 23 disappeared, then 24, 26 figures emerge from the left, and then 27. However, in order to avoid confusion when reading date, Breguet craftsmen who made further improvements. They added a miniature retrograde drag the pointer calendar system, hidden under the dial and in the terminal with a small circle. The date of emergence from the left side of the window, this ring will be framed this date, and with the movement of the date is moved in the day time, until the date of today’s date from the right side of the window disappears. At night, with the ring pointer jumps back to the left side of the window, indicating the new date has just begun. This unique drag calendar display design, the purpose is to make it easier to read the calendar.

Breguet replica watches

However, this watch is the most representative of the initiative when it instantly jump area display system, which can simultaneously display the date, day / night indication and the city, which for mechanical replica watches uk is undoubtedly the world’s first. This function supports the wearer preselected cities in 24 time zones to be displayed in the list two cities local time. The wearer can by pressing the crown / buttons 8:00 position, triggering an instant jump instantaneously toggle between the two time zones. For example, assume that the current time is Paris time at 16:00 on the 25th of this month. Turn the crown / button combination to make the 6 o’clock position display window “Paris”, which was then adjusted the crown at 3 o’clock on the pointer is set to 4:00, and the date to 25 days, please note that at this day / night indicator It appears as the sun graphics. To quickly read at this time in Sydney local time, first by turning the crown / button combination will appear in the Australian city name 6 o’clock window; then watch automatically set to Sydney time. Due to the time difference between the two is nine hours, the clock will move forward a distance of 9 hours. At the same date is also switched to 26, and day / night indicator will show moon graphics. When the time is 16:00 in Paris when, in fact, Sydney local time to 1:00 the next day. Once the watch is set in advance, the time zone display will instantly jump simultaneous changes in all directions contents – time, date and day / night display — wearer simply presses the crown / button time in Paris and Sydney switching back and forth between time. This complex process for frequent travelers or out of the selected row and as far away as people need a friend to contact his country is very practical, which they can make contact with people in other time zones, not in the middle of the night to make sure they are noisy wake.

The new 5717 Hora Mundi watch with automatic winding mechanical movement, the movement is based on Calibre with silicon escapement mechanism 777 based on, on this basis can add other additional modules. In the design process has applied for four patents for the table. The first table contains two time zones for this device, the second through the main pointers on-demand time zone, third time zone has inherent mechanical memory wheel for the table; the last one is a mechanical device to drag the pointer to display the calendar .

Seiko modification and cased completion aspect, the present paragraph table diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 13.55 mm, full follow Breguet tradition. Case by 18K gold or 950 platinum made with 30 meters water resistance. This paragraph has a sapphire case back and cheap replica watch some complex designs such as thin clever circular bezel, coin pattern table side with welded lugs. Display system using the famous Breguet pointer, which can be identified from everywhere “eccentric moon phase tip” pointer around the highly complex gold dial rotation. The periphery of the dial is the word circle with Roman numerals, silver-plated and satin brushed the edge of the use of hand-engraved (rose engine), and rose gold hour markers – or the case of material consistent with use platinum scale. Central dial painted pattern planet using engraved and hand-engraved (rose engine) technology to create a sea of ​​”wave” pattern. Part of a multi-layer paint process by the ocean, and part of the continent were polished. On the day / night indicator, made of lapis lazuli sky adopt containing pyrite, it looks like a small gold plaque to show stars. The sun and the moon is made of gold: gold is made using the sun and the moon are rhodium-plated gold. For the performance of cloud and engraved Breguet name and serial number of the cover are also using silver 18K gold and pure hand-carved.

The instant when the jump zone Breguet through the introduction of this section Classique Hora Mundi, as the first display with synchronous memory date, day / night indicator and mechanical city, once again successfully challenged the quality and innovation.

Technical Specifications Ref. 5717BR / US / 9ZU
Case round in 18 k rose gold casting, side of the case with exquisite coin pattern. Back to the table by hand engraving machine engraving, and with sapphire glass. Diameter 44 mm. Round ears welded to the table shell, reinforced by a bolt and pin. 3 bits bolted crown. 8 bits for the button-down crown. Waterproof rating 3 Pa (30 m).

Dial with 18 k gold engraved pattern on the American continent, engraving machine to engrave by hand decorated with waves Microhyla overlying translucent lacquer. Silver-plated and hand-carved display day / night indicator at 18 k gold. Having individually numbered and signed Breguet. Dial marked with Roman numerals word circle. 6 digit display for the city. 12 bit is the calendar window. With a needle thread empty Breguet blue steel hands.

Self-winding movement, with individually numbered and signed replica Breguet watches. Instantaneous time zone jumps and synchronized with the date, day / night and city indications. Cal. 77F0 is mounted by a function on the basis of 777 on the movement. Law is divided into 12 caliber, 43 jewel bearings. 55 hours power reserve. Hand-engraved 18K gold oscillating weight. Silicon straight fork lever escapement. Silicon balance spring. On balance wheel with four adjustment screws. 4 Hz vibration frequency. After six position adjustment. Strap crocodile leather strap. Which can also be equipped with Europe and Asia dials, Asia, America and Europe using models made of 950 platinum.

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