Basel Watch Fair in 2015 published “FreakLab Tourbillon” replica, comprising representatives of the creativity Athens table. Today, Ulysse Nardin factory will launch a special limited edition of its 99 stores revolutionary watch, bring new inspiration, and once again with the full creativity and the stringent requirements of technology watch enthusiasts surprise.
Fourteen years, “Freak Kinks Tourbillon” series appears to rewrite the entire watchmaking industry, each new feat of engineering and design standards have increased. 2001 launch of the “Freak Kinks Tourbillon” is the first one equipped with a silicon escapement watches; 2005 using diamond escapement device; the same year also launched a bi-crystal silicon escapement. “Freak Kinks Tourbillon” Every time evolution have created a remarkable achievement, it also brings a surprise; so far, it is still unrivaled one extraordinary watch.

FreakLab Tourbillon

Likewise, “FreakLab Tourbillon” is still extraordinary.

This is the “Freak Kinks Tourbillon” series for the first time the balance wheel on the central table, and added features and innovative UlyChoc date security systems, which is Athens exemplar of plant design and development and production of a new generation of shock absorbers.

However, that “FreakLab Tourbillon” limited edition replica watch unique place is special material applications, including black titanium and carbon fiber. In the middle of the case and lugs are with a black titanium, while the bezel is made of carbon fiber with high hardness. Two materials combined into a very durable watch, and let the wearer show the charm and vitality.

Watch operation is very simple, release the safety lock can be rotated at 6 o’clock bezel clockwise rotation can set the hours and minutes, can be rotated counterclockwise to adjust the date. After the rotation of the bottom cover can be based on the chain clockwork, barrel designed for 7 days power reserve and set.

Watch all black appearance, with a stylish wave pattern and simple carbon fiber pattern, the pattern extends to the leather strap, the watch itself is a tide mark, but also show the distinctive durability. As previously announced “Freak Kinks Tourbillon” as the pursuit of unsurpassed in terms of replica watch uk collectors, this table is absolutely ideal

“Innovation model” “FREAKLAB Tourbillon” replica limited edition watch to establish a new milestone, breaking boundaries