Taipei 101 Patek Philippe Astronomical largest distribution store cum Ref.6002G Tourbillon Appreciation grand debut

Gordon watches after years of hard work in Taiwan in the watch industry, a successful business strategy that created the brilliant achievements, everything is for all to see. And today, Gordon watches eventually its place in the global attention of the world platform Patek Philippe store expanded to become the largest distribution Patek Philippe store. In this event, the invitation to Mr. Thierry Stern, president of Patek Philippe attended the event and Kumi Gordon watches founder Mr. Anthony Lim Yuandu to Taiwan blessing.

Patek Philippe watchs

At the opening ceremony, but by the Patek Philippe replica watchs to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the world’s most exquisite create complicated pocket watch “Patek Philippe The Calibre 89” as the opening ceremony of the station design concepts. Through after Mr. Thierry Stern, president of Patek Philippe, Gordon watches founder Mr. Anthony Lim, Wu, chairman of Mr. Liu Ruiqi Cheung trade and general manager at the Taipei 101 mall career Mr. Dai Yinben accordance with the principle of self-winding, common winding crown Start pocket devices, announced the Taipei 101 Patek Philippe’s largest distribution stores formal rotation, but also a symbol of Patek Philippe will continue to move towards the next legend, based in Taiwan, rotate Asia, global integration.

Patek Philippe watchs

Taipei 101 in Gordon watches, Patek Philippe’s largest distribution stores opening this event, the field is even more star-studded. The most notable, is the watch industry superstar “Patek Philippe Ref. 6002G astronomical Tourbillon (Sky Moon Tourbillon) watch.” . Ref born 6002G astronomical Tourbillon, redefined the concept of super-complex functions – only the industry’s top watchmaking and artistic innovation in order to create such a case and dial. In addition, the variety in the Basel World Watch and Jewelry Show in gorgeous appearance of extreme watches and Patek Philippe Chronograph Ref.5975 multiscale stopwatch, are also re-appeared in the Taipei 101 Patek Philippe’s largest distribution stores. Also through the site in a new concept store model, a variety of performances shine in 2014 Basel World Watch and Jewelry Show in extravagance Korea watch, Patek Philippe make top watch more attractive.

Patek Philippe watchs

The Gordon watches also with Patek Philippe and Patek Philippe distributor – Wu Xiang trade, create a calm luxury new concept store, in order to strengthen the spirit of the brand, the pursuit of excellence, the brand as watches, like the space of the building, and uncompromising . The new expanded store size of 420 square meters, the use of iconic material, such as bird’s eye maple and Indian rosewood, combined with a retro modern brass polished surface, creating a new image of the concept store. Patek this through many precious materials to create a new table top reward environment, like a gorgeous chandelier chandelier for watches presents the perfect ambience background. In the store, the elegant and possessed modern minimalist luxury lighting equipment, Patek Philippe is the specially in cooperation with the French Baccarat Baccarat crystal, for the store design a unique chandeliers and table lamps.

Stores further strengthen the connotation of the brand image of the decoration, such as decorative Calatrava doji flag, square textured carpets and recognizable visual image, as the basic structure of the sales area, enhance the sense of luxury in the VIP room of the occasion, also retained a kind gesture, creating a warm atmosphere welcomes the customer home. Through the perfect space planning and design concept application, enhance customer a full range of experience, which in emphasizing the replica Patek Philippe requires meticulous attention to detail, and very focused on the quality of.

Patek Philippe Ref. 6002G astronomical Tourbillon (Sky Moon Tourbillon) watch
Has a super complex function watch, known as the pinnacle, “Patek Philippe Ref. 6002G astronomical Tourbillon (Sky Moon Tourbillon) watch,” as is the successor of the most complicated Patek Philippe watch Ref.5002, all sets a quota. New Ref. 6002G movement is basically the same as their predecessor. Church bells have double gongs minute repeater and tourbillon device; front dial shows standard time, with a perpetual calendar and automatic return-type date display and moon phase display. The back of the dial is used to display astronomical function: can display the night sky in the northern hemisphere, when the stars, and moon phase orbit of the Moon. And Ref. 5002 different is that it can display the moon phase, rather than months, and the use of Windows-style week, month and leap year display instead pointer.

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Ref. 6002G astronomical Tourbillon (Sky Moon Tourbillon) watch, manual winding mechanical movement watch sided. Minute repeater, tourbillon, with automatic return date hand window style calendar, moon phase, when the stars, moon phases and moon orbit of the Moon, Caliber RTO 27 QR SID LU CL movement, thickness 12.61 mm, Jewels 55 , hours, minutes and seconds display, 38–48 hours power reserve, two-sided case, case sapphire crystal materials, the use of 18K gold relief process. Table size 42.8 mm diameter, hand-sewn alligator strap for the material, with hand-carved 18K gold folding clasp, price shop contact.

Ref. 6002G astronomical Tourbillon innovation lies in appearance, its beautiful decoration make this super luxurious complex watch distillation of craftsmanship model. Its case or dial called perfect. Tourbillon such as astronomical real works of art, called it “wrist sculpture masterpiece” may be more appropriate. Specifically, this watch shows two craftsmen: engravers and enamel division of the skill. Since the 16th century, gradually formed the Geneva watchmaking tradition, these two processes will be inextricably linked to watchmaking. . Patek Philippe replica Ref 6002G astronomical Tourbillon the above two techniques with unparalleled integration: Featuring precision astronomical tables go when precision tourbillon meter technology, coupled with top technology Geneva to represent the perfect traditional decor.

In the Patek Philippe Ref. 6002G astronomical Tourbillon watch back wonderful sky, but presents an unusual sight with. The night sky in the northern hemisphere sapphire crystal microscopic rotary motion, describing the motion of the stars and the moon, the meridian through Sirius and the moon, as well as monthly profit and loss phase. In addition, the two indexes can be displayed in the center of the scale within 24 hours when the stars. Oval ring sketched out a position to see part of the northern hemisphere night sky. These outstanding features are controlled by a unique patented mechanical modules. Patek Lilly with the astronomical mechanism, can describe the sky for astronomical sky, and its accuracy is unbelievable. Patek Philippe Ref. 6002G astronomical Tourbillon is a globally unique timepieces, both by virtue of its great beauty and innovative design, expanding the people’s awareness of super complicated watches. Perfect example.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Ref.5975 multiscale
Thatcher Patek Philippe Ref.5975, is the brand to celebrate the 175 anniversary of the founding, well-built stopwatch, its metering function is far more than other ordinary watch, more feature-rich. The “multi-scale” to commemorate the chronograph has three scale: logarithmic scale for computing speed, distance and heart rate. Because in the late 1960s, with speedometer, range finder and pulse meter watches began to spread, and is widely used in professional fields. The Patek Philippe The launch of the limited edition of “multi-scale” It is a tribute to the stopwatch timer function history of the brand and gorgeous.

Patek Philippe watchs

Patek Philippe Ref.5975 multiscale stopwatch, multi-scale self-winding chronograph, with a column wheel and vertical clutch, Caliber 28-520 movement, thickness 5.2 mm, 29 jewels, hours, minutes and seconds display, 50–55 hour power reserve, case 18K gold, white gold, rose gold, PT950 platinum material, gold or platinum case back, the table diameter size 40 mm, water resistant to 30 meters, hand-sewn alligator strap for the material, with 18K gold or platinum folding clasp, price shop contact.

“Multi-scale” not only has a distinctive chronograph dial, the movement is also designed for use which watch designed Caliber CH 28-520 movement. This is a self-winding movement, using the classic column wheel structure for start / stop the chronograph function; almost zero friction disc clutch can simultaneously be used as indicators to ensure that the timing seconds of continuous operation. This new movement accuracy of travel time is also very worthy of attention.

Patek Philippe replica watchs uk commemorative section “multi-scale” chronograph embodies the perfect Geneva watchmaker pursue consistent style, tradition, integrate innovation. Simple and elegant case designed beautifully layered lugs, low-key fixed on the outer edge of the case and the bezel, play a fixed role. Dial with three kinds of concentric dials, this represents more than a rangefinder scale stopwatch, pulse meter and speedometer and other three functions. Ref. 5975 Men’s watch each limited production 400, 400 respectively, 18K gold, white gold 400, gold rose 400, 100 as well as the use of platinum material. “Multi-scale” stopwatch by hand-sewn alligator leather strap with gold folding clasp, engraved with “PATEK PHILIPPE 1839 – 2014” the words, and the case perfectly. With a classic look, demands eternal beauty.

Patek Philippe “Celestial” series 6104G watch

Patek Philippe “Celestial” watches, poetic, fascinating. When platinum 6104G is launching a new meter, meter ring set with 38 baguette diamonds (approximately 4.27 kt), surrounded by luxury. 6104G watch the show surface conversion and change of the Northern Hemisphere sky, and shaped like a pointer 一枚 end surface of the outer edge of the date of the new moon, combining date display design, easy to interpret. Starry dial, elliptical arcs box shows the night sky visible range in Geneva, with a sky chart, moon phases and lunar trajectory, Sirius and moon transit time display. Very multi indication function 6104G watch, Analog date display, hour and minute hands plus shows the average solar time, seemingly complicated but intricate and orderly. Then hand alligator strap, with 22 diamonds elongated folding clasp (about 1.13 kt), whole watch contrast color, to better reflect the beauty of the surface design.

Patek Philippe watchs

Patek Philippe “Celestial” series 6104G replica watches, automatic winding mechanical movement, sky chart, moon phases and lunar trajectory, Sirius and moon transit time display, 240 LU CL C movement, thickness 6.81 mm, Jewels 45, when, sub-display, 48 hours power reserve, white gold case, 44 mm diameter size table, cameo glass bottom, insert 38 elongated diamonds hand-sewn alligator strap for the material, with 22 diamonds folding clasp price shop contact.

Patek Philippe replica Geneva spanning three centuries top technology to reproduce